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What Do You Smell?

Man Flesh.

The Notebook of Love
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Hello and welcome to The Notebook of Love, a place to share pictures of your favourite pieces of man-flesh!

I'm not gonna bother being fancy. :P Here's the rules kiddoes. READ THEM BEFORE POSTING. Kthnx.

1. Must include one or more pictures in EVERY SINGLE post. This is a picture exchanging community for the most part.
2. Your first post MUST be an introductory post that tells everyone a little bit about you and says who your favourite man is.
This post MUST ALSO include a picspam of TEN or MORE pictures of your favourite man. If you can't find than many... you might wanna rethink who your favourite is.
3. If you're posting more than one picture or the picture is extremely large, put it behind a LJ Cut, okay? Ktnx.
4. When posting pictures,include the links to each picture as well. Some pictures don't show up for some users, so leave the links, that way everyone can enjoy them.
5. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO FLAMING ALLOWED. If you're caught flaming, you are kicked out with no questions asked.
6. Have fun, go nuts and play nicely with the other kids!

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